James - February 2021

James is 19 years old and sustained a T6 spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident. James is insured but his insurance would not pay for his specialized shower chair. We were honored to purchase this necessary item for him. Keeping our clients self-sufficient is our number one goal!

McKenna - December 2020

McKenna, age 2. NAF got to provide McKenna with a wheelchair and some ramps for her home.

Joe - November 2020

Joe, age 28, was injured last year and is living with a spinal cord injury. He wanted to get back to driving so NAF jumped in and helped get new hand controls installed in his vehicle.

Savanah - November 2020

Savannah, 2 years-old, just had spinal surgery due to a tethered spinal cord. Her family needed help with some expenses, and her case manager reached out to us to help. We never want parents worrying about bills while they have a child in the hospital. We were happy to take a little pressure off her father during this month of "Thanksgiving".

Aracely - November 2020

Aracely was paralyzed by a drunk driver several years ago. NAF helped Aracely get back on the road with new hand controls for her vehicle. When she requested our assistance, she said "I want to be able to take my daughter to school".

Sarai - November 2020

Sarai sustained a T7 spinal cord injury. She has four children and needed some help with rent while she recovers.

Brian - October 2020

Brian is an amazing 21 year-old who was injured in a car accident. Brian sustained a spinal cord injury and his therapist, Ashley, reached out to NAF to get him a manual wheelchair. We were happy to help and Brian now has his wheels. Keeping our clients independent and mobile in their communities is our mission.

Uchechi - September 2020

Uchechi, age 17, was born with spina bifida. Her wheelchair didn’t fit through her bathroom doorway (as most wheelchairs won’t). Uchechi’s physician contacted NAF to see if we could widen the doorway for her. We were happy to help! Uchechi’s home is now barrier free.

Wisdom - September 2020

Wisdom is an amazing 16 year-old living with severe scoliosis. His dad reached out to NAF when the air conditioning broke in their wheelchair van. Summer in Texas is not the time to go without A/C!  NAF repaired the A/C and Wisdom is able to visit his doctor again.

Ava - March 2020

Ava, 3-years old, can't use regular seating systems because of her neurogenic scoliosis. NAF purchased a Special Tomato Soft-Touch chair requested by her doctor.

Caoimhe - March 2020

Caoimhe, 8 years old, has a tethered spinal cord and is blind and deaf. Her doctor reached out to us to help them get an adaptive stroller with a 5-point harness as Caoimhe had outgrown her old stroller. We loved providing her with a Maclaren Major Elite Adaptive Stroller. Now she can go on lots of outings! "It was such a surprise to come home from the hospital and have the stroller waiting for us. It's perfect! You have been an answer to our prayers for sure." ~ Caoimhe's mother

Christian - March 2020

Christian, age 4. NAF just helped make his home accessible by building a large ramp on the front of his home and widening his doorway inside. Now Christian is able to get in and around his house by himself!

Blanca M. - February 2020

This past week, we had the privilege of delivering a power chair today to 27 year old Blanca. Blanca's family had asked for a power chair to help her drive herself as she wasn't able to push herself in her manual chair. Her smile says it all! This was her face from the moment she saw the chair come into her house. Thank you to everyone who contributes to making these priceless moments happen through NAF!

Chuck -December 2018

"As a recipient of home modifications from Neuro Assistance Foundation, I want to express my heart-felt appreciation to NAF for your wonderful support! Your grant has my residence much more ‘spinal cord injury’ friendly! Wishing you and the Foundation a blessed 2020!"

Matt -November 2018

"Thank you for all that you have done for my family. The lift has been a life changing addition to our daily routine and could not have come at a better time now that we are expecting our first child, a little girl, in February. The lift has allowed my wife to remove the strain and stress of transferring me from my wheelchair manually and has benefited us greatly during the pregnancy. I could not be happier with the result and truly appreciate all that you do. Thank you!"

Keith - September 2019

"I am 52 years old and an Army veteran. On August 28th 2018 I was hit by a lady that ran a red light. In the accident my left shoulder was dislocated, 7 broken ribs, collapsed lung, lacerated kidney, broken hip, broken pelvis, and my left leg was amputated at the hip. I was paralyzed for the first 8 weeks after I woke up out of a coma 9 days later. Upon leaving the hospital I was fitted with a basic wheelchair that only just got me from point A to point B but not very comfortably and through a friend of mine I heard about the Neuro Assistance Foundation... You... are the reason why it was an Honor for me to serve in our nation's Armed Forces. Words can not express the appreciation and gratitude that I have for you helping me out with a "real" wheelchair and not asking me for anything in return. You are the TRUE essence of the America I love, I am honored and privileged to know You."

Occupational Therapist II Spinal Cord Injury and Neuromuscular Program - May 2019

"I cannot thank you enough for helping my patient get this piece of equipment. It truly makes a difference in her shoulder preservation and independence with mobility. Thank you, thank you!!"

Verna - May 2019

"Thank you seems so inadequate for what I feel! The standing frame is magnificent and far exceeded my hopes and dreams. I can actually get into it by myself and I never thought that would be possible.
Many, many thanks to the foundation for making this possible".

Hank - May 2019

"My thanks to the Neuro Assistance Foundation for your generous contribution of a scooter and wheelchair for our patient.
I am so proud and grateful that the founders of First Baptist Medical Center and the contributions of your wonderful foundation have made it possible for this young woman from so far away to come to Dallas and receive the life-saving care and support she so desperately needed."

Jessica -January 2019

Jessica, 29, and her husband, Jeff, with their kids aged 18 months and 4 years. Jessica recently became paralyzed from Transverse Myelitis of her cervical spinal cord and brain stem. Jeff has had to cut back on his hours to assist in Jessica's care, as well as incurring child care expenses during this unexpected medical emergency. NAF was contacted to help this young family with their major expenses for two months while they navigate their way forward. We are so honored to be assisting in any way we can. "Thank you for all your help. We appreciate you and your team for helping us through this time".

Jose - November 2018

We provide many different types of assistance here at NAF. One we enjoy giving is the gift of intensive therapy for those who didn't really receive enough when they were injured or have different needs due to the passing years. We are so happy to provide therapy assistance to Jose, age 55. Jose was injured in 1987 in a motorcycle accident and although he has lived with a T6 spinal cord injury for 31 years, this round of intensive therapy is sure to strengthen him for the coming years. Welcome to the NAF family, Jose!

Kimberly - October 2018

Kimberly, age 54, living with quadriplegia due to a car accident."To Neuro Assistance Foundation,I want to thank you for the wheelchair you have lent me and tell you how it has impacted me.It enabled me to go to the therapy room and get PT & OT that I would not have had if I had been bed bound. It enabled me to interact with other patients which was very healing. I learned a card game from a gentleman that was fun. He would ask the therapists if I was coming to therapy that day. The therapy room has lots of windows and light which was a tremendous pick me up.The chair gave me independence. I was able to go outside and enjoy the courtyard and the fresh air. And the wheelchair gave me the privilege of eating my meals up in a chair. Thank you very much for what you have done for me!"

Thomas - September 2018

"You know, in today's world, so much is just crazy and beyond understanding. It's really great when I come across people and organizations that are genuinely helping to make things better, and you guys are doing that. Thanks again, and keep it up!"

Kathleen - August 2018

We received the wheelchair van as a donation and modified it so Kathleen could drive it with hand-controls. It has a 6-way power seat and a wheelchair ramp for her power chair. If you see Kathleen on the road, honk!

Adrienne - August 2018

Adrienne, age 23. Adrienne is living with quadriplegia. "Thanks a million for the standing frame! My family has been praying God would provide one for us since February! Answered prayer indeed. I appreciate Neuro Assistance Foundation more than I can explain!"

Rebecca Elizabeth - July 2018

Giving the gift of mobility is one of our favorite things! We were so honored to help Rebecca Elizabeth and her parents, Juan and Guadalupe, with some assistance with their downpayment on an adaptive vehicle. Rebecca was so excited with her new freedom!

Rylie - June 2018

Yesterday we were proud to help this young lady (17 years old) with her first vehicle. She started her first job today and to make her downpayment, she sold her pig at the county fair for $6,000!
NAF was proud to give Rylie, and her service dog, Indi, some help with her downpayment. Watch out world.....Rylie is strong, brave, kind and unstoppable!

Eric - May 2018

Eric was injured in 2013 in a car accident and is living with a C7 spinal cord injury. Eric had asked NAF to help him get a standing frame to improve his health. It was delivered to him today! 

Wayne - May 2018

Wayne is 27 and was involved in a motor vehicle accident where he sustained a spinal cord injury at the C5 level. Wayne will be going home soon after spending 2 months in the hospital and rehab facility. NAF got the call that Wayne needed some exterior ramps on the front and back of his home as well as needing a doorway widened to accommodate his power chair. We were so pleased to help this wonderful young couple! This is where your donations go!

Randy - April  2018

Randy was the recipient of one of our loaner power chairs while he was waiting for his permanent chair to be delivered. Randy is paralyzed at the T5 level due to an epidural abscess.
NAF provided the specialized chair to Randy in June of last year. His permanent chair arrived this March!! Without NAF, Randy would have been bedridden for all those months.

Aracely - March 2018

As a result of your many generous donations, NAF was able to provide a new wheelchair to Aracely, age 39. Aracely sustained a spinal cord injury in 2004 in a car accident and is living with paraplegia. Sadly, Aracely's wheelchair was recently stolen and she came to NAF for help. We were very honored to get her rolling again!

Jim - January 2018

Jim became a paraplegic after disc compression surgery two years ago. He needed a standing frame and we were able to deliver it to him this week!

Traci & Chris - January 2018

"After 2 months we are finally BACK IN ACTION!!!! Thank you United Access for doing all the conversions. BIG BIG Thanks to the VA and The Neuro Assistance Foundation for the funding of our van conversions. This wouldn't be possible without your support. Watch out y' we come!"

Adrienne - January 2018

NAF was so honored to help Adrienne, 23, after she experienced a cervical spinal cord infarction in July, 2017. We were able to provide assistance with her manual chair and ramps for her home. 

Wisdom -October 2017

Wisdom is blind and he sees doctors at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for his scoliosis ( His spinal cord is at a curve of greater than 90 degrees in the thoracic region). Wisdom's father contacted NAF when their wheelchair accessible van needed repairs that they were unable to afford. The van was stuck in the repair shop and Wisdom had no way to get to doctor appointments without it. NAF was honored to pay for Wisdom's van repairs and he is now back on the road.

Hank -October 2017

Hank, 30, is a husband and father of 2, ages 6 & 3. In July of this year, Hank's truck rolled over when he tried to avoid a car pulling out in front of him. He received a T-9 spinal cord injury in the accident and is now living with paraplegia. Hank's wife, Laura, reached out to NAF for help getting medical supplies and equipment for his home to give him independence. We helped with catheters, a sliding board and a bed trapeze to help Hank get himself dressed and in/out of bed.

John -October

John, 56, has been living with quadriplegia since 1981 when he sustained a C-5 spinal cord injury in a car accident. John worked as a systems analyst for 25 years but is now retired and has been having numerous problems with pressure sores. After several surgeries in the past year, his doctor ordered a specialized cushion, however, the cushion is not covered by Medicare and John couldn't afford it. John's social worker at the hospital reached out to NAF and we were happy to provide the ROHO pressure reducing cushion.

Winona -August 2017

Winona is living with familial spastic paraplegia. She came to NAF asking for assistance with therapy since her insurance won't pay for it. We were happy to help and gave her 3 months of intensive therapy at REACT in Addison. Her therapists will work on her mobility and core strength.

Logan -July 2017

She's 16 and recently had scoliosis surgery and her spine has been fused. We're so happy to let you know that Logan has joined our family and NAF will be sending her to 3 months of intensive rehab at REACT in Addison. This rehab is not covered by her insurance but it's going to help her so much! We're with you 100%, Logan!

Brandi -June 2017

Brandi, age 21, was born with spina bifida. NAF was able to help her by providing strength and conditioning training with two great groups, Special Strong ( and Powered to Move (
Brandi is working hard and building her strength. She has increased cardio function and has gone from lifting 25 to 40lbs. Building her upper body strength will not only help her maintain independence as she ages but will also help her as she begins working towards track and field competitions.

Tony -June 2017

Tony, age 55, is living with paraplegia due to a spinal infection and nerve damage. NAF was contacted to help him get back into his home which had quite a few steps in front. We were happy to build a ramp for Tony so he could get into his home when he was discharged from Baylor Institute for Rehab.

Emerald -May 2017

Emerald, age 7, is living with a secondary form of spinal cord damage called Conus Medullaris Syndrome. Emerald's mother was struggling to purchase her monthly catheters so NAF was happy to step in and assist until she is able to take over again. Catheters are an urgent and necessary expense but will fall on the sidelines when the decision must be made between food or medical supplies. Keeping Emerald infection free and at home is NAF's priority.

Juan -May 2017

Juan, age 49, fell while working on a roof and sustained a spinal cord injury which paralyzed him from the neck down. Juan's family only had a manual wheelchair and no way to get him out of his home because they didn't have a wheelchair van. That all changed when Neuro Assistance received two separate donations recently - a power wheelchair and a wheelchair accessible van. Casey Stephens (pictured), with National Seating & Mobility, modified the donated wheelchair to a custom fit for Juan, and United Access of Arlington modified the wheelchair van to fit the chair. With both of those complete, we were able to give Juan the gift of mobility. His family tells us that Juan is looking forward to going to church and the flea market.

Kiley -April 2017

Kiley is 8 years old and she received a new iPad, grip-case and Assistive Communication software so she can speak through her iPad. She was so excited to start using the software. Kiley lives with spina bifida and several other major medical problems. Without the software, Kiley uses sign language but the Proloquo2Go program will allow her to communicate with people who don't sign. The gift of independence is priceless!

Kimberly -April 2017

She is 14 years old and NAF just provided her with an iPad, grip case and Assistive Communication software so she can talk via her iPad. This will increase her independence and allow everyone to understand what she is saying. Kimberly lives with Cerebral Palsy and a spinal disorder. Isn't she the sweetest?

Craig -February 2017

Craig sustained a T7 spinal cord injury when he was cutting down a tree in his yard and it fell on him. He is now living with paraplegia and needed a ramp for the 3 steps in front of his home as well as modifications to widen his doorway to accommodate his wheelchair. Craig went home the day after Valentine's Day and we were honored to make his home accessible for his return.

Jason -January 2017

Ten years ago Jason was in a car accident and he sustained a spinal cord injury above C1 which means he is paralyzed and must stay on a ventilator. His father, Chad, came to us looking for assistance in getting a reliable mobility van which would work for Jason and the rest of his family. Yesterday, NAF was so proud to present them with their new family vehicle. Many thanks go out to United Access in Carrollton for providing so much assistance. Seeing Jason's smile was amazing! When you see Jason around town in his new van, honk and wave!

Kimberly -December 2016

Kimberly, 54, sustained a C4 spinal cord injury in a car accident and is living with tetraplegia. NAF was able to provide a donated power wheelchair to Kimberly until her insurance provides a permanent one for her.

Syed -November 2016

Syed, age 64, sustained a C4 spinal cord injury in a car accident and is also living with tetraplegia. Syed needs home modifications to allow access for his large power wheelchair. Insurance will not provide any assistance with home modifications so NAF is helping to widen doorways and install a ceiling lift in his bedroom.

Ann -October 2016

Ann, 62, is living with paraplegia due to a tumor on her spine. Due to insurance, Ann was not able to order a wheelchair for a specific amount of time and she was in dire need of one. NAF was able to provide her with an interim wheelchair to fill in the gap

Jacquelyn -September 2016

She is 30 years old and is living with Transverse Myelitis which is a disorder of the spinal cord. NAF was contacted by a case manager at UT Southwestern asking if we could provide some assistance with rehab therapy for Jacquelyn.

Anthony -June 2016

Anthony's wife was 2 weeks pregnant when he had a motorcycle accident and sustained a spinal cord injury. NAF is helping Anthony with essential supplies.

April -June 2016

Her adaptive van needed repairs and she contacted NAF to see if we could help. We jumped on it and after it was fixed, April sent us a text saying,
"thank you so much for everything your foundation does in helping me and others like me"
We were so happy to help get her back on the road. Her smile says it all!

Marcus -June 2016

We were so honored to repair his power wheelchair for him. Both the elevator and reclining functions were broken so he wasn't able to use it.
Thanks to Casey Stephens at National Seating and Mobility for the great repair work!

Karlie -May 2016

Karlie , age 10, was born with caudal regression and is paralyzed. She lives with her mother and sister and until recently, her healthcare needs had been covered by Medicaid. She lost that assistance when her mother recently returned to the workforce. With the loss of benefits, Karlie's mother was unable to pay for her essential supplies, including catheters. NAF was very honored to step in and help for the next 3-4 months while her mother works on obtaining healthcare coverage for Karlie

Royce -May 2016

Royce, age 75, suffered a spinal infarction and is now living with paraplegia. Unfortunately, Royce was going to go home from rehab to a house with stairs on the front and back. We were very honored to provide four ramps for his home to make the front and rear entrances accessible.

Jane -April 2016

She came all the way from Kenya to Dallas to be at Baylor Institute for Rehab - they're a world class facility! Jane was leaving church in Kenya when she was robbed and shot and she's now paralyzed. Jane's going to be moving in with her sister in Arlington and Neuro Assistance was proud to provide her with a donated chair and custom cushion. Jane was a journalist in Kenya and we really enjoyed meeting her today. She has such a positive outlook on life!

America -April 2016

America, age 15, was born with spina bifida. America's mother was having problems with her health insurance and her coverage was temporarily lost. America's mother was unable to afford the out-of-pocket cost of her monthly supply of catheters so NAF is going to pay for the next 3 month supply while her mother gets her coverage reinstated.

Jaidyn -March 2016

Jaidyn, age 13, was born with a congenital lipoma impacting her spinal cord and scoliosis among other problems. Jaidyn began using catheters about 4 months ago and her insurance has denied funding for those supplies. Jaidyn's parents are in the process of appealing that denial but in the interim, they aren't able to afford the out-of-pocket expense. NAF will be providing funding for her catheters for the next 3-6 months to allow Jaidyn's parents to complete the appeals process with their private insurance plan

Wille -March 2016

Willie, age 19, was visiting Kansas City when he sustained a traumatic spinal cord injury from a gunshot wound. His Case Manager at the University of Kansas Medical Center contacted NAF for help getting him some of the items he needed when he returned back home to North Texas. NAF provided specialized transfer bench and shower chair for use in his bathroom at home. His insurance will not cover those items because they are considered "bath aids" and therefore "unnecessary". This is the general rule of thumb with all insurance coverage, however, Willie can't take care of himself or bathe without them. It's definitely a gap in the system.

Tia -December 2015

Tia was injured in a car accident and they needed assistance to modify her home for her wheelchair before her discharge. Tia is the mother of 4 beautiful children aged 16 months to 11 years. We were so happy to help get Tia home and we received such a beautiful "thank you" from Beau recently.
"Tia is progressing along well and thanks to the help, we are able to bathe her and get her into the bathroom without a problem. I literally do not know what I would have done without you. It is a miracle, one that I prayed for since the accident and God sent me an angel in the form of you and Bev, along with the other volunteers."
We're just so honored to have been able to help Tia and her family.

Patty -December 2015

She was injured in 2013 when she was thrown from her horse. NAF was so honored to provide a specialized exercise bike for Patty so she can keep her legs moving and swelling to a minimum. Look at that smile - I think she's excited! Here's to a healthy 2016 for Patty and her family.

Barbara -July 2015

She was injured 23 years ago in a skiing accident. She recently retired and is now depending on Medicare. When she tried to get a new chair, Medicare wouldn't pay for some functions that she needs. NAF was proud to help her with the $2,100 elevator function on her new chair. We wish her much happiness in her retirement!

Kiley -July 2015

We were so honored to help 6 year old Kiley and her family with an accessible van. Now Kiley and her mom will be able to go shopping, to the zoo, to the museum and everywhere in between. Check out Kiley inside her new van and a group photo of the friends who came out to participate.

David -April 2015

David is living with tetraplegia following an epidural hematoma which caused compression of his spinal cord. David and Paula's home wasn't accessible for his wheelchair so NAF was honored to help modify their home. We're happy to say that Paula is taking David home from rehab today.

Adiel R. - February 2015

Adiel, age 10, was referred to NAF by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Adiel lives with spina bifida and his parents had been having trouble covering the copay of $156/month for his catheters. They requested assistance with funding for a 6 month supply of catheters and NAF was honored to provide the help.

Marcus G. - January 2015

Marcus, age 43, was injured in 1990 and uses a power wheelchair. Marcus' mother reached out to NAF because his wheelchair was broken and they couldn't afford to fix it. While it was broken, Marcus moved back into an old chair of his and ended up getting a pressure sore because the chair wasn't the right fit anymore. While Marcus was in the hospital dealing with the pressure sore, NAF repaired his power chair and delivered it to him in Fort Worth.

"I want to thank you for your help and concern. I love you and I thank God for you and NAF for doing this so needed action for Marcus" - Mary, Marcus' mother

Abigail G. - June 2014

We were so honored to help Abigail, age 15, with an amazing new bed. Abby was injured in a car accident in April and she is now living with a C4 spinal cord injury and quadriplegia. The Case Manager taking care of Abby at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation contacted us to help her family modify their home with ramps. NAF was happy to provide a ramp in Abby's garage to help her enter her home but we were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to provide her with a top-of-the-line Hill-Rom hospital bed for her home. The $17,000 bed had been generously donated to NAF and in turn, we were proud to give it to Abby. The bed is a state-of-the-art marvel with weight based pressure redistribution to prevent pressure sores, low chair position for eating and caregiver assistance tools like "turn assist" to help Abby's mother take care of her daily needs. We delivered the 500 pound bed with the assistance of professional movers the day before Abby came home from rehab. Abby's mother, Esmeralda, is pictured here with the bed in their home.

Ronnie P. - May 2014

Ronnie, 29, was injured in a car accident in April. As a result, he is living with a C4 spinal cord injury and quadriplegia. Ronnie needed a specialized rolling shower chair which his insurance would not pay for because "bath aids" are not covered. NAF was proud to provide the chair and hope that it's helping Ronnie and his caregivers with his bathing needs.

Ruben F. - May 2014

Ruben, 75, is living with paraplegia due to a tumor on his spinal cord. His case manager asked NAF to help with putting a ramp on the front of his home. Ruben lives in a very rural area of the DFW Metroplex and it was difficult finding someone who would travel the distance to build the ramp. In this special case, Ruben's son-in-law stepped up and offered to build the ramp if NAF could provide the materials. We were happy to provide the supplies and here is a photo of the ramp they built for Ruben. It looks like it's a cat favorite!

Jamie P. - April 2014

Jamie, 52, is living with paraplegia as a result of a malignant spinal cord tumor at the thoracic level. Jamie's insurance would not pay for her bath aids so NAF was happy to provide her with a padded tub bench as requested by her case manager and occupational therapist. Jamie and her husband live in Rhome, TX and we hope that our assistance is making bathing time a little easier for everyone.

Andrew S. - October 2013

Andrew, 21, had a diving accident on July 4th and is living with tetraplegia. He needed a power wheelchair but his insurance had a maximum payout for durable medical equipment that was immediately used up by purchasing other equipment that he needed. NAF had just received a Permobil C300 power wheelchair as a donation (a value of $29,000) and it was brought directly to Andrew for him to use in rehab. The timing couldn't have been any better. We're so glad to see Andrew's handsome smile and are honored to be a part of his recovery.

Jerome G. - September 2013

Jerome, 29, had a mountain bike accident in July of this year. He suffered multiple injuries including a T11 burst fracture. Jerome lives in Dallas and was unable to access the front or back of his home due to stairs. NAF was proud to provide the ramps that were needed to grant him access.

Alvin P. - September 2013

Alvin, 74, was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He sustained multi-level thoracic compression fractures and is now living with paraplegia. Alvin could not get in and out of his home due to stairs so NAF was happy to provide exterior ramps on his home.

Stephanie H. - August 2013

Stephanie, 25, has recurrent transverse myelitis and is now living with T6 paraplegia. Stephanie lives at home with her mother in a two story house and all bedrooms are upstairs. NAF was honored to provide Stephanie with a chair lift on their stairway that would take her from the first floor to the second floor bedrooms.

Patricia W. - August 2013

Patricia, 51, fell from her horse and sustained a spinal cord injury to her C1-2 & C6-7 vertebrae. Patti needed a specialized rolling shower chair so that she could bathe. NAF was honored to provide her with the chair and her niece sent us these photos of Patti. Look at that beautiful smile! Her niece, Sarah, sent us a message that said:

Thank you so much again, words can not describe how thankful we are"

Richard M. - May 2013

Richard, 41, is living with T4 paraplegia after having surgery on his congenital lumbar, thoracic and cervical stenosis. Richards home was on a hill and was multiple levels inside. NAF was able to provide extensive outdoor ramps and interior ramps so that Richard would be able to get in, out and around his home.

Erica G. - May 2013

Erica, 38, was injured 7 years ago in a car accident that left her a paraplegic. The hand controls on her vehicle were old and were becoming dangerous and unpredictable so NAF had new hand controls installed for her. Now she's back out in her community of Hillsboro, TX. This photo shows Erica with her boyfriend, Lynn.

"I just want to thank you once again for the purchase of my hand controls, they are working really well for me." Erica

Vincent L. - April 2013

Vincent, 48, was injured at 16 years old in a gymnastics accident. He has been living with C6-7 quadriplegia for 32 years. Vincent's vehicle had a malfunctioning door and he was unable to pay for the costs to repair the van. NAF was proud to provide the repairs to his vehicle so he could be out and about in the community again.

Douglas W. - April 2013

Douglas, 58, has a variant of Guillian-Barre disease which causes paralysis. After finishing rehab at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, his therapists said that he needed a specialized, self propelling shower chair so he could bathe independently. NAF was very happy to provide him with the shower chair and with a standing frame.

Mike S. - February 2013

Mike, 52, was injured in a motorcycle accident in early December, 2012. He sustained a spinal cord injury at the C7 level is is now living with quadriplegia. Mike had insurance but his maximum allowable for Durable Medical Equipment was $2,500. Since Mike is 6' 5", he needed some very specialized equipment that his insurance was not going to pay for. His manual chair alone exceeded $6,000 and he needed a specialized shower chair, standing frame, power wheelchair and hoyer lift to name a few. NAF was honored to provide  Mike with the hoyer lift and specialized shower chair in February.

Bana R. May 2012

Bana, 27 years old, ustained a spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident earlier this year. Bana has a 5-year old and 3-year old twins at home. NAF has been privileged to provide home equipment and a rental wheelchair while Bana waits for her permanent wheelchair to be provided.

Tyler B. - May 2012

Tyler, 14 years old, was diagnosed at birth with Spina Bifida. Tyler recently spent 2 1/2 months at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for treatment of a chronic stage 4 pressure wound. Tyler's doctor prescribed a specialized pressure redistribution mattress for lifetime use, but his parents were unable to afford the expensive mattress. NAF was honored to provide a ROHO Sofflex 2 Mattress System for Tyler.

Clenton W. - April 2012

Meet client Clenton W.'s son! Clenton is age 49 with a wife and a three year old son. Clenton is living with quadriplegia and is also legally blind. Clenton was unable to reach parts of his house as there were different levels and doorways that were too narrow for his wheelchair. NAF built interior ramps and widened doorways to make his whole home accessible. We're so glad to add to a happy household and a lovely family!

Tanner P. - August, 2011

Tanner, 17 years old, was out on a boat this summer and did a back-flip off the side into water that was too shallow. Tanner is paralyzed from the neck down but his therapists feel that he could regain some mobility in his arms if he continues to work towards that goal. His therapists wanted Tanner to have a power wheelchair and a manual wheelchair to help him work at regaining mobility. His insurance would only pay for one wheelchair so his family had them purchase his power chair. NAF assisted Tanner by purchasing a TiLite ZRA manual wheelchair for him to use.

Erica A. - June, 2011

Erica, 21 years old, was involved in a motor vehicle accident which left her living with paraplegia. Erica did not have insurance and wasn't eligible for any support from government sources so NAF helped improve her living conditions by providing her with a Quickie Q7 manual wheelchair.

Nancy P. - July, 2010

Nancy P. and Leah Gardner, Director of Removing Limits Through Technology, UCP

Nancy was the victim of a shooting and is now a spinal cord injured quadriplegic. Nancy was unable to take care of her three children due to her injury and they were relocated to Christ's Haven for Children. Nancy wanted to be able to communicate with her children on a daily basis so NAF provided her with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software for her computer. Nancy is now able to use her voice to send/read emails and stay connected with her children.

The photo on the right shows Nancy with Leah Gardner, Director of Removing Limits Through Technology at United Cerebral Palsy of North Texas. Leah and UCP have assisted several of NAF's clients with diagnostic testing as well as training in assistive technology. Our thanks go out to Leah and UCP for their amazing support of NAF and our clients.

Milton R. - September, 2009

Milton was diagnosed with a tumor on his spinal cord and recently became confined to a wheelchair. Milton needs to go for dialysis several times a week and his wife was having difficulty getting him out of their home because of their front steps. NAF had a ramp built on the front of Milton's home so that his wife could safely transport him to and from dialysis treatments.

Iram A. - August, 2009

Iram was injured in a robbery when she was shot in the face and the bullet severed her spinal cord. She is now a quadriplegic. Iram's husband asked NAF to help keep Iram connected to her friends and family. NAF responded by providing Iram with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software for her computer. Iram is now able to use her voice to send emails and stay connected with her friends and family.

Travis D. - August, 2009

Travis is 18 years old and was injured in an automobile accident in December, 2008. The accident left Travis a T11-L3.L1 paraplegic.  He lives with his parents and is able to get around his house and out into his yard, but he was unable to get into his mother's vehicle because it was too high for him to transfer from his wheelchair to the passenger seat.

NAF had his mother's vehicle lowered to enable a transfer from wheelchair to seat. Travis is now able to go anywhere he would like and since his favorite hobby is fishing, we're pretty sure he'll be spending a lot of time at the lake. "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help. You have truly made our lives more bearable. Now it will not feel like Travis is a prisoner in our home."

Cheryl D. - Travis' mother

Terri Y. - December, 2008

Terri received a fully adaptive mini-van in December 2008. The van was donated by Gary Coleman in memory of his sister Candace Coleman. The mini-van is equipped with a power ramp, 6-way power seat and hand controls.

Terri was injured in 2002 in an automobile accident. Until she received her van, Terri had been using a car with hand controls. Each time she drove, she had to breakdown her wheelchair and lift the pieces over her to the passenger seat and then reassemble them at her destination. After doing this for  years, Terri tore her shoulder and needed surgery. This ended her driving.

With her new van, Terri can roll inside, transfer to her seat and drive off. Neuro Assistance Foundation was privileged to receive this generous donation from Gary Coleman. He has changed Terri's life immeasurably with his generousity. "I never thought I'd be able to have a van like this. I feel like I have an angel on my shoulder whenever I drive it!

Terri Y. -  recipient of van donated in the name of Candace Coleman

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