Neuro Assistance Foundation is dedicated to assisting spinal cord injured and disabled individuals in the Dallas/Fort Worth & Lubbock  areas to achieve self-sufficiency and mobility through assistive vehicles, equipment, technology and home modifications.


NAF will strive to ensure that every spinal cord injured or disabled person in our community has the equipment necessary to be mobile and independent.

NAF Board Members & Officers:

  • Kimberly Booker - Board Member
  • Donna Bruskie - Board Member
  • Juan Cervantes - Board Chair
  • Barry Clark - Board Member
  • Cynthia Cooperman – Board Member, Executive Director
  • Shawn Hearn - Board Member
  • Stephen MacIntosh - Board Member
  • Mike Shipka - Board Member
  • Keith Tansey M.D. PhD – Board Advisor
  • Brian Tatum - Board Member
  • Steve Wright - Board Secretary

Outreach Volunteers:

  • Ben Hetrick
  • Barbara Martin
  • Mike Stine


  • Joy Hetrick - Events Manager

Our Drive to Help Others