Executive Director & President

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Other information:

Board Member since 2008

Cynthia Cooperman is a co-founder, Board Member and President of the Neuro Assistance Foundation.

Cindi has sixteen years experience in the airline and travel industry both in customer service and management.  Her management experience extends to purchasing, quality assurance and competitive analysis. While working for a major airline, she was instrumental in the creation of several new departments and was responsible for their quantitative results.

In 2007, Cindi met Bev Olson and her life was profoundly changed by their friendship. Through Bev, she learned that the spinal cord injured community was doing without basic equipment, which in turn, made the simplest aspects of daily life significantly more complicated. Through this friendship, the Neuro Assistance Foundation was born.

Cindi is a member of the Greater Keller Women's Club and has been active in various communities by volunteering her time in the St. Louis Community School District and the Keller Independent School District. Cindi also serves on the Community Partner Advisory Committee at the University of Texas at Arlington and gives her time to sports programs at the high school level. When she isn't volunteering her time at the schools or working for NAF, she is spending time with her husband, Jerry, and their four sons.

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